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We define speed with our efficient, timely work so your business stays on schedule and on budget


We define quality through our attention to detail keeping rework to an absolute minimum


We define expertise by our years of experience developing solutions across diverse industries


We define savings by providing solutions for sound purchasing and inventory management

Our Services

We Are Experts In Developing Your Business


Let us help you optimize your cash flow, processes, and applications

Framework LTC

Built applications and reports enhancing and supporting Framework, FrameworkLink, and FrameworkHL7


Experienced in SQL database design, reporting, automation, and integration


Create targeted, accurate dashboards to monitor all aspects of your business


We will build your enterprise a mobile application across iOS, Android, and Windows

App development

Experienced in web, mobile, and desktop application design and development

"optu : apt - wise - noble - kind - loyal"

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Meet The Team

Optu Consulting has years of experience in multiple industries including long term care, healthcare, legal, and manufacturing.

Matt Dixon


Matt is an experienced, hardworking software developer who seeks to build quality software in a timely, efficient manner.

Chris Maness


Chris is a seasoned IT executive with years of experience leading large IT organizations designing effective information technology solutions.

Alan Pack

Software Architect

Alan is a full stack software architect experienced in developing scalable, robust solutions making people's lives and jobs easier.